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  • Notes for operation of twin screw extruder:

    1. Open the general power supply, water source and the front cover before starting up, and check for leakage; Then start the power supply to set the required temperature of the material. In ..........

  • Working principle of small twin - screw extruder

    Description: plastics processing industry is a comprehensive and strong technical industry, double screw plastic extruder as processing manufacturing industry indispensable processing equipm..........

  • Structure and principle of flat curing press

    Structure and principle of flat curing pressThe most common flat-plate vulcanizing machine is the hydraulic vulcanizing machine. The whole machine is divided into three parts: main engine, h..........

  • Features of laboratory mixer/machine type

    Features of laboratory mixer/machine type1. The three sides of the mixer are independent, and the interlayer heating or the water-cooling pipe can meet the technical requirements of any rubb..........

  • Laboratory mini double drum mixer (mixer)

    745/5000The main function of u double roll mill is to make the product meet the quality and color required by customers. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the experimental resu..........

  • Simple operation of small test rubber mill

    1. Purpose: to test rubber mixing and release rubber sheet2. Equipment: a small laboratory drill3. Operation process Open the switch of the mixer, press the brake of the mixer, open the uppe..........

  • Mixing method of small - sized mill

    实验室小型开炼机加工混炼方法一、用途:定速开炼机适合于橡塑胶行业之聚合物如 PVC、色母粒 等化工原料的混炼加工。以此将原料和配合剂混合均匀,并且达到所要求的颜色和质量。本机采用专用加热模具,滚筒表面温度 均匀,永不脱层,试料厚薄可调和附机台安全保护装置,轻巧好用。二、实验室开炼机特点:开炼机适合于橡塑胶行业之聚合物如 PVC、色母 粒等化工原料的混炼加工。以此将原料和配合剂混..........